This is the shoe lady Nicole Moccany. I was born and brought up in Canada where I went through school till I graduated with a degree in Business Management and Administration. I was lucky to get a job with one of the most prominent company in Texas.

I am a 26 year old lady who believes she was born with boots on. This is definitely not true but it shows how much I fell in love with shoes as early as I started knowing myself. I am the kind of lady who will analyze every shoe detail, one who takes away books from my book shelf in order to arrange my shoes on the shelves. Yeah, that’s how crazy I am about shoes.

One of my recent interests is cartoon shoes. You know what I am talking about…taking an ordinary shoe, one that is may be worn out, or old, and converting it to an eye-catching cartoon art. I like shoes and apparel with cartoon characters on them. You can find them in stores like Finish line and 6pm.com, but I also like making my own cartoon shoes. There is a technique for that that I recently mastered. If you are interested in buying shoes from 6pm.com, I have compiled all 6pm coupons here.

The way in which I love shoes is not just normal but something that I was born with. I believe that despite the looks, a lady is well defined by the kind of shoe she wears and how well they go with her outfit. I believe that shoes should accentuate the attire of a lady. Therefore shoes are very important to me. To me shoes are like an obsession or else an addiction because I cannot go for a month without purchasing some sandals, boots or high heels. This can tell you that I have lots of pairs in my closet.

My favorite shoes are Dolce Vita, Steve Madden, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Omelle, Valentino, ankle boots, knee length boots, heels and sandals among others. This is somehow an expensive addiction but I bet it’s worth the effort and every penny. The reason as to why I started this blog is to show my style with shoes together with attire. To motivate young ladies with fashion. To share my interests with the world and encourage women to do something with what they love.

I buy my shoes online, in stores and even along the streets when I come across something that pleases my eyes. In order to fuel my shoe desire and gain more knowledge about shoes I frequently go through footwear reviews. I love reading in order to learn the kind of shoe materials that are durable like leather in order to make an informed decision while doing my shopping.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I believe that you will come back again. In the mean-time let me gather some more information about shoes in order to share with you next time.