My Athletic Must Have – the Belkin Sport-Fit

My Athletic Must Have – the Belkin Sport-Fit

I’m the type of person who does not enjoy working out. I hate the process but love the rewards that come from a grueling sweat session at the gym. Because of my natural aversion to all things exercise related, I have to utilize all the resources available that can make the experience more pleasant. I rely heavily on the time honored workout companion: music. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the gym without my happy-place playlist.

Currently, my favorite athletic accessory is the Belkin Sport-Fit, it’s an iPhone holder armband, which provides me easy access to my music plus I’ll never be out of reach and miss important calls or texts that could come through.

Some of the best features are as follows:


  • The armband is stretchy and adjustable to fit comfortably on your bicep.
  • It is made of lightweight, breathable material so don’t expect any sweaty chaffing.
  • Easy to clean and hand-washable.


  • No fussing required to access headphone port and home button.
  • Clear screen protector (which is an added bonus if you’re as clumsy as me)
  • Hidden pouch to keep money, keys or any other small valuables. This is great for athletes who train outdoors and don’t have constant access to a gym bag.

Pricing and Where to Purchase

Affordable price of $21 get it here:

Finish Line has an armband for iPhone 5 that I like, too.

I, like many others, view my iPhone as an integral part of my life, I find it hard to function without it in close proximity to me and workouts are no exception. The problem with carrying my phone with me as I run or exercise, is that if it is not properly secured it can bounce around (which is distracting), get dropped and/or scratched. I’m glad that I have found a practical solution because it has made the thought of exercising a little less daunting.


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