How to Make Your Own Comic Book Shoes

How to Make Your Own Comic Book Shoes

Hi Guys,

Today I’m gonna show you now to make your own pair of Comic Book Shoes. I made heals. But you can also make canvass shoes or even flats.

You will need:

  • A pair of shoes
  • Several comic books
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge. You can either get luster or lasp. I use the luster because its really glossy and it gives lots of shine
  • You will also need paint brushes
  • steel wool, and
  • a nail buffer.

The first thing you want to do when you are making your comic book shoes is cut out geometrical shapes from your comic books. They need to be small, colorful and graphic. So they’re really pop when you glue them onto the shoe.

The next step is cutting out characters or words and text from the comic books. This way they’ll stand out and really make your shoes pop.

Using the Mod Podge, you want to begin by gluing the small rectangular pieces to outline the shoes. You can choose to cover the hole shoe or only a part of it like I did. I chose to keep the platforms the same color as the shoe.

Next, you want to start gluing the cut out comic shapes onto the shoe. Its alright if they over lap. Just go with what looks right.

Once you’re finished covering the whole shoe you want to let it dry for a few hours. Then, you want to begin gluing the text and the characters on to the shoes for the overall effect.

The next day, you want to use the Mod Podge to cover the entire part of the shoe that you covered in comic books. This will seal it and make sure that when you wear them, no water or dirt or anything will get inside.

Make your own comic book shoes

Once it’s completely covered in Mod Podge, you want to let it dry over night. And then you want to repeat the same thing at least three times.

Once you’re done coating both shoes you want to rub steel wool on to the shoes to really buff out any bumps or scratches that might have been caused during the cleaning process.

And last but not least, you want to go over the shoe with the nail buffer to really make it shine.

And then you are free to wear your shoes where you want to express your inner giftness. I’m going to wear my next pair of shoes now.

Thanks so much for watching you guys.



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