Comics Apparel from Finish Line and for my Nephew’s Birthday

Comics Apparel from Finish Line and for my Nephew’s Birthday

Coming Monday is my nephew’s birthday. Since he is such a fan of comic art, books and animation, I have decided that I would try and gift him something that he would remember for years to come. A friend of mine, Emma, who is a comic book artist and works at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art told me about the MoCCA fest that happens every year. In fact Emma and I attended MoCCA 2014 in New York.

Well known comic enthusiasts, artists and editors come to this fest to exhibit their artwork and to talk about comics. And the best new is that the day of this comic festival is quite close to my nephew’s birthday. So this seemed like the best gift I could give to my nephew, and since early spring I had already started making plans to take him for a whole day of fun with his favorite comic superheroes!

Of course, such an awesome event requires quite a lot of preparation! I do not want this to be a simple hang out for him with his family and friends. To spice up his moment of fun, I thought that I could walk the extra mile. Since my nephew is such a big Batman fan, I finally got a t-shirt for him with Batman drawn on it. I am pretty sure he is going to enjoy wearing that to MoCCA fest. And to top it off, I found the ultimate surprise that is going to make my nephew jump with joy! and carry some amazing cartoon/comic book shoes and apparel which would be perfect for my nephew.

Cartoon and comic books have been a huge source of inspiration for fashion designers over the decades. Even big brands like Puma and Nike realize how important kids are as a part of their target audience. Kids love wearing lovely shoes and garments with their favorite superheroes drawn on them. Some of the famous Bart Simpsons shoes of Nike have been a major attraction for both young and big kids alike. Even Converse has joined in with their recent design in the market for shoes. Their Chuck Taylor DC Comics Joker shoes are a big hit amongst fans.

I like this “Life is Good” comic style t-shirt from It would fit my other nephew, Eric, who is a toddler. It retails for less than $20. And with a coupon code the price will be even lower.’s Converse Chuck Taylor High Top DC Comics Casual Shoes have some amazing superman and batman illustrations on them which my nephew would be happy to wear to the convention. Read my article about my favorite comics apparel from

Comics Spiderman cap

I also bought the Spiderman cap from this site for both my nephew and me. And is not far behind when it comes to sporting a mind-blowing collection of comic/comic book superhero illustrations on tees and shoes. It even offers the OshKosh Comic-14 comfy boots for little kids and toddlers! The Puma Kids Suede Chemical Comic 5 is a fantastic pair of casual shoes that your kids will be fascinated to wear. These can also make great gifts for young children on their birthdays. Read my article about my favorite comics apparel from

Of course, for folks who love DIY projects, there is an amazing video on Youtube that shows how people can make their own shoes with beautiful illustrations with characters from their favorite comics/comic books. It may take sometime, but the results can be very satisfying. and have gone beyond their customers’ expectations to provide us with all the best options. Starting from comfort shoes to athletic wear, they have something for everyone. I browsed through their entire collection on kids shoes based on the popular comic book characters and I must admit that I have become their lifetime fan. I can’t wait to show my nephew around at the MoCCA fest with him wearing his superman shoes from

And who knows? Perhaps my nephew will love his shoes so much that he is going to find some genuine inspiration to become a cartoon or comic artist one day!

What You Can Do With Finish Line Coupon Codes

So you like shopping for athletic shoes and apparel at Finish Line and you are just wondering what you could do if you found some coupons? You are not alone. Many people who purchase through online stores have realized that if they use coupons, they can significantly save on the amount of money they spend. Finish Line coupons come in many different ways and you need to know some of the ways through which you can make your shopping much more fun. Sounds good, right? Let’s look at a few things that you really need to know.

What Are The Current Coupons?

The list of Finish line coupons that you can find around the internet is almost endless. In fact, it is like there are new ones that are put up almost every day. Since you can only use them if they actually apply to you, here is a list of some that are most popular:

  • Buy 1 get 1 pair of socks free
  • Up to 50% off on men’s footwear
  • Up to 40% off on women’s items
  • Up to 50% off on women’s shoes
  • Up to 50% off on kids footwear

Going by the most recent statistics, these are the most used Finish line promo codes today. You can’t see one that entices you? You do not have to worry about that. Of course, there are many other coupons that you can browse through and find one that will make your shopping much better apart from helping you to save.

What Categories Of Products Do These Sales Refer To?

Basically, this website is about athletic footwear for all types of people. This is the reason why all the Finish Line Discount Codes are attached to these items. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you just want some shoes to exercise at home, there is a very long list of items that you can buy from. Below is a list of those sold in large volumes:

  • Men’s sleeveless shirts
  • Streamlined tank tops for women
  • New Balance, Air Jordan and Adidas shoes

These items go for a wide range of prices depending on the specific brands. For instance, the Air Jordan shoes go for up to $209 although if you have coupons, you will spend much less than that. The same goes for women and kid’s shoes as long as you have some coupons.

The good news is, when you use the Finish Line discount codes, you get to unlock savings on any of the categories that you choose. You therefore need to ensure that when selecting these coupons, you choose one that particularly refers to the items that you want to shop for. The best part is that regardless of how much you want to shop, the codes will still be applicable.

With over 600 stores, Finish Line is one of the biggest athletic shoe retailers, and is anticipated to grow even more in 2015.

What Are The Current Sales On

The sales on this site cover several products:

  • Women’s apparel
  • Men’s apparel
  • Kids Apparel
  • Accessories

Men’s Mizuno Wave Running Shoes From

Let’s look at one of the products that have been sold in large numbers in the recent days—the Men’s Mizuno wave running shoes. This amazing footwear comes in a combination of colors. You can find it in black, slate, silver and many other shades. The best thing about it is that the sole has an amazing grip on the ground; so it is not easy for an athlete to slip or fall. Additionally, it is a laced shoe meaning that you can adjust it to fit your own unique preferences. The inner lining makes it much more comfortable than any other shoe that you will ever find. With an outside that is easy to clean and maintain, there is no doubt that any man will want to purchase this versatile pair of running shoes. Amazingly, although its original price is $200, you can get it for way less than $100. Sounds like a perfect deal for you? Just head over to the site with your Finish Line promo codes and enjoy the offer.

Clearly, there are a lot of offers that you can enjoy if you have a Finish Line promo code. However, it is important to do your planning well and be sure of what you want to buy so that you do not end up confusing yourself once you find too many products on the site. With a good and informed plan you will definitely find good products that matches your shopping taste and preferences.

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